Save me. – exhibition in Muswell Hill London – interview

On the day of the 7 October 2013 I took part in one of the workshops  of Impreint, an artist who decided to create a concept and not only his ego, and he has definitely done it! Don't buy this. It is nothing!

Here my interview:

N: What is Save me.?             IMPREINT Save me.

I: Is a project related to art and children.

N: Why is it called Save me.?

I: It’s taken from one of my first work on canvas. Through my experience I discovered that creativity can give a different vision and perspective. When I was painting “save me” it was not a request of help but a declaration that this was an answer, so the same I propose as an experience to the others.

N: When did you decide to create these workshops?

I: Since I decided to be an artist one of my priorities was to share with the others. In this specific project I decided to create common workshops about balloons to give them unification.

                                                                         Image   Image

N: When are you going to do the next one and how do you choose the places, I mean do you privilege disadvantage areas?

I: No matter social class, so no matter areas. We are doing something together. Together it means that we don’t make distinctions between us for a common intent.

N: Who are the people involved in this project and who can participate?

I: Whoever feels something inside himself connected with what I’m doing can participate just contacting me. Is a work of meaning and can be done also without my presence.

                                                        IMPREINT Save me.


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