Portraits by IMPREINT

On the 16 December 2013 IMPREINT launched a new project called Portraits that will run for one year.

IMPREINT is one of those artists who can still show novelty as much in his artworks as in his social involvement. He declares the importance of the social impacts of an artist, so he proposes always something to involve the people in the things that he’s working on in the moment. His project with the children Save me. has earn popularity and is growing around the globe. His new proposition is Portraits, where everyone can participate by sending a photo of themselves holding a balloon. Portraits is strongly connected to his project Balloons, which is based on 1000 hand painted balloon-paintings.

On the opening event of Portraits in Notting Hill, London he gave a talk where I had the chance to learn more.
“It’s a project that I started with the simple intention of making something together. Is my idea of social artwork: is a concept, everybody can do it, and take part of it.
I’ll run this project for one year joined by whoever would like to participate. I’m interested in making it interactive and see where will bring us. The intention is to exhibit the pictures promoting social cause.”
Portraits by IMPREINT
The aim of the artist IMPREINT was to create a concept and not only a person, he tells in an interview on his site. He is able to manage this concept always pure, seperating his own artworks from the projects that involve the public directly. Portraits, as I said is connected to the Balloons, for which he created a video earlier what he described as “the opportunity to see the same scene with different prospectives”. By participating Portraits everybody can become part of the concept IMPREINT, express himself/herself unified by a balloon. But it will always be clear that all is based on and ment to complete the real artworks: in this case the balloon-paintings, that are made only by him, who is the artist behind all and who himself is also part of the concept: IMPREINT.
IMPREINT Portraits Portraits by IMPREINT

To find out more and join the project visit www.IMPREINT.com or https://www.facebook.com/IMPREINTofficial.


Isaac Julien

Isaac Julien is an artist and filmmaker, whose art I find sophisticated and inspiring. He is having an exhibition in the MOMA, NY called Ten Thousand Waves. It is a film installation from 2010 inspired by the Morecambe Bay tragedy of 2004, in which more than 20 Chinese cockle pickers drowned on a flooded sandbank off the coast in northwest England and the ancient China (source: MOMA). The shots were taken in Shanghai, both the modern and old parts of it.


I was delighted to be informed about an upcoming exhibition of the artist in the recently opened gallery of Victoria Miro in Mayfair. The new seven screen installation called Playtime will receive its world premier at the Gallery on the 24 January and is going to run until the 1 March.