Upward Movement: NS Harsha at Victoria Miro

Yesterday evening opened the second solo exhibition of the artist NS Harsha at Victoria Miro. Rarely I leave Miro’s gallery disappointed, but this time attending was a real pleasure for the eye and for the soul too.

NS Harsha at Victoria Miro

Harsha next to his painting ‘Chamber Concert’

Harsha is an Indian artist and on his works there is a clear imprint of Hindu culture – research for spirituality, inner peace, contact with nature and animals. But they also face the reality of our period: the penetration of technology and industrialisation. What makes a difference in Harsha’s work is the serenity how it walks us through his visions and the gentle, delicate yet distinct brushstrokes. Paintings like Harsha’s are hard to find these days: the well painted self-expression of a beautiful soul.

According to the press release, the artist has cited Beckett’s Waiting for Godot as a point of reference, and the paintings emphasise how a quest for higher meaning sits alongside the absurdity of everyday existence.

Upward Movement will be on show until 25 April in the Mayfair gallery.
NS Harsha at Victoria Miro

‘Why’ – details

NS Harsha at Victoria Miro


NS Harsha at Victoria Miro

‘Only Way Is through Milking Way’

NS Harsha at Victoria Miro

‘Mooing Here and Now’ – details. Image courtesy of Victoria Miro


4 thoughts on “Upward Movement: NS Harsha at Victoria Miro

  1. Powerful…it has sent me to that place of wondering, in my culture, what icons would be the equal of these cows. I don’t even believe our touchstone, the biblical evangelical preacher has such a sacred…well..cow. Thank you for sharing his work. I did not know it was out there.

  2. His palette is refreshing and somehow very joyous to me. The blue in the painting at top seems almost lighted from behind. What an intriguing, humble man. He could be the man I pass on the street!

  3. Wonderful what all a person can accomplish by using (almost) One subject. It was like using just One word. In prose, and even poetry, it might have been a failure. But the artist has used the cow to bring out Great Truths, and very well. Kudos and Regards. 🙂

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