Have you went to an exhibition and became part of the artwork?

That’s what exactly occurred to me when I went to see the presentation of a work of IMPREINT called I don’t know what you see.

The work is part of an open series of mirrors that the artist makes since the begin of 2013 adapting mirrors that he finds or buys in any format that inspires him. I was asking him about the work and in return he asked me to stand in front of it.

It felt really weird. I was standing in front of a mirror, which happens to people every day, part of our daily life. But I entered in a strange state of mind, transported by the words of the mirror: I don’t know what you see. I was looking in the mirror, seeing myself the way I am, the way I see myself. The words made me understand how mysterious it is: we do our best, trying to bring the best of us, but never know what arrives to the others.
Keeping looking in the mirror I started to look at it, see it in a different way: a serious piece of art, a declaration of an artist: I don’t know what you see. He, as an artist does the same like we all do: working hard, doing his best, but never know how the others see it. How does it arrive to the viewer? There is always a distance between him and his artworks and the observer. Looking at an artwork we always have a first impact, an emotion that is personal and not necessary what the artist wants to display. And that’s what makes an artwork good: the ability to innocently wake up emotions inside us.
IMPREINT I don't know what you see

picture from the archive of the artist