IMPREINT – Balloons

My interview with IMPREINT -an artist who I personally admire and just started to collaborate with-  about his last project called ‘Balloons’.

Napsugar Budai: So why is this project?

IMPREINT: To develop an idea I had 3 years ago in a series of initiatives and work in progress all around the world including the video that you participate.

NB.: How did you make this video?

I.: Sharing balloons with the people.


NB.: Do you like to share your work with others?

I.: I think it is the meaning of being an artist.

NB.: Was it simple to realise this video?

I.: In the moment when you decide to share your work you have to accept the compromise that it will be not exactly what you would like to realise, but this is also the beauty of it. I wasn’t looking for a ‘perfect’ job, but for something alive.

NB.: What do these balloons represent for you?

I.: The people, so different, unique, so beautiful with all their imperfections, and the opportunity to see the same scene with different prospectives. So for me they represent also hope.

NB.: Could you explain more about the workshops with children please?

I.: They are part of a project called ‘Save me.’, related to art and children where everybody can participate. Who is interested can find more information on the site. I will be pleased to establish new collaborations.


Photos of a workshop with a School in Hungary


NB.: Don’t you think that the idea of balloons can be considered too simple and copyable?

I.: I like simple things, I find extremely sophisticated.  Let’s hope everybody will copy then!

NB.: In the material that you gave me about this project I read ‘Let’s fill all the world with balloons!’ Is this what you would like to do?

I.: Yes, until the world itself will assume the form of a balloon!

NB.: Then you will be satisfied?

I.: Then I will invent something else!